Large Weighted Blanket


Large Weighted Blanket


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Weighted blankets are specially designed for medical purposes rather than just to provide warmth. When used at night, a therapeutic weighted blanket creates a wonderful sense of comfort and well-being. This allows the user to unwind and relax faster and easier than they normally would.

For those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, the stillness and quietness of bedtime is often where negative and worrying feelings manifest themselves. The knock-on effect of this is that it takes much longer to fall asleep – if sleep comes at all – and restlessness during sleep is common. Frequent waking and tossing and turning means you are not getting the quality of sleep your body desperately needs to function effectively during waking hours and you will wake up feeling groggy and underslept.

The weighted blanket works much the same way tight swaddling helps newborns feel snug and secure so they can doze off to sleep more quickly.

The blanket simulates a comforting hug effect which may help calm and settle the nervous system, which could allow for a more relaxed and deep sleep.

Can help with : Anxiety, Insomnia, Reducing Stress, Improved Mood

Other benefits include : No medication or drugs, no medical intervention

Colours: Pink, Light Grey, Charcoal, Black

Size : 150 cm x 200 cm approx

Weight : 6.8 kg (15lbs)

Composition : Outer fabric 100% Polyester

Filling: Hypo-allergenic non-toxic premium glass beads

Wash Instructions : Machine Washable

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