Luxury Faux Fur Long Hot Water Bottles

Luxury Faux Fur Long Hot Water Bottles





  • 72cm long.
  • Soft faux fur cover: These long hot water bottles come in a faux fur super soft fleece cover with pom pom.
  • Easy to use: The washable cover is very easy to remove. Fill the 2 litre hot water bottle and put it in the bed before going to sleep and it will keep you warm throughout the night, or wrap it around you for added comfort.
  • Safe to use: This long hot water bottle is made of natural rubber and has been manufactured to safety standard. They can contain up to 2 litres, & the hot water bag made from 100% natural rubber.
  • Designed to wrap around your shoulders, tummy or along the length of your body for even more coverage, any aches and pains you may have as a result of injury, health conditions, posture or stress will be reduced through heat therapy. Curl up with one of these on the sofa, wear it around the house as you tackle the chores or take it to bed with you for a warm and restful night’s sleep.

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